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Become an Investigation Team Member!

At AllClear Investigations, we are looking for those that only accept excellence as a standard. Mediocre work is not an accepted practice here. There are over 2,000 agencies in the state of Florida. This is not the agency to apply to if you cannot provide exceptional performance experience.

Attention to detail and research is important in our business. We have strict employment considerations that will include or exclude you from consideration for employment.

  • 1) Don't try and be creative and email the President, HR or other decision makers individually. There is a process and this only shows you cannot follow direction.

  • 2) Do NOT use the Client Webforms on the site. This only hurts customer service. Any employment requests will be disregarded. Those that use the client webform will be placed on a list to be precluded from any future consideration for employment.

  • 3) Utilize the Jobs@aciorlando.com email to submit your resume and references. This process will be responded to professionally.

  • 4) It is important for us to understand your abilities. Please provide your best skill sets, equipment, videography qualifications, vehicle information and any other items that you believe would be valuable to know about your talents.

  • 5) To be considered for employment, you must have a "C" or "CC" license.

  • 6) Internship is very challenging for any Investigation Agency to undertake. When you write your email to request an internship, please include a resume, references and a statement of how you believe your internship would be a valuable investment to AllClear Investigations while we are investing our time into developing your investigation skills.


  • Protection Agents are required to have valid licenses to provide protection in Florida. The owner and management at AllClear Investigations have military and international protection experience and relate to the unique skill sets of our military and contractor experienced protection agents. As impressive as your resume may be, Florida requires licensing. If you are planning on relocating to Florida and would like to continue to use your professional expertise, please send your resume with references. We will review your CV and provide the direction to make it legal for you to be a protection operator in Florida.