GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracking Systems: From "Fleet to Discreet"

GPS Tracking Surveillance, or GPS Vehicle Tracking, is one of our most requested services. Used to track children, spouses, company assets, and employees, our GPS Tracking systems make it easier to watch and track a persons movements ONLINE.

Our GPS Trackers and GPS Asset Tracking Products are very easy to install yourself, or we can do it for you. GPS Trackers are a great way to monitor employees, catch a cheating spouse, or even track valuable assets or packages. You can easily monitor your children when they are away from your home via the internet. If you suspect something is going on behind your back, you need to investigate and obtain proof - our GPS Trackers can help!

When a GPS Tracker indicates that your suspect is at a suspicious place, you can send our private investigators in person to perform an on-site investigation and document the evidence with video surveillance.

You can either rent or purchase a GPS Tracker, depending on the extent of your surveillance. AllClear Investigations also provides real-time tracking software that you can access anytime online through our website.