Loss Prevention Investigations

Loss Prevention Investigations

It is widely recognized that the number one cause for retail inventory shrinkage is employee theft - this is partially due to the types of employees attracted to the retail industry. Our loss prevention private investigators use undercover techniques and technology to uncover inventory theft, time theft, alcohol or drug use, and other illegal or prohibited activities.

As an employer, you could be losing inventory or money in a variety of ways:

Inventory/Asset Theft - This is the most common concept of internal theft, especially in the retail industry. Employees sometimes feel underappreciated or underpaid, giving them what they feel is a "reason" to steal from their store. Fortunately, this is also the easiest type of theft to prevent.
Misappropriation of Time - As an employer, you may feel like your employees are not producing as much as they should for the time they work; this is often due to a misappropriation of time, which can be a form of theft.
Corporate Espionage - This is usually reserved for companies with trade secrets, work-product and/or in-depth research. Combine those assets with a disgruntled employee, and you could very easily find competitors with the same knowledge due to corporate espionage.

Our private investigators have experience in undercover operations and installing covert camera systems. Our private investigators can install GPS systems into your assets to track where it is transported if taken from your premises.

  • Undercover Operators
  • Retail LP Officers
  • Covert Cameras
  • GPS Tracking Systems
  • Corporate Security Surveys
  • Asset Transport Tracking